Are You Someone Who Can’t Say NO?

meditation 101 for newbiesDid you know that the inability to say a simple one-syllable word “NO” is one of the biggest causes of guilt?!!

Saying too many yeses makes us giddy. And not in a  good way. We take on too much. We take on everyone else’s needs. We take on more than we can realistically accomplish and we fail, disappoint, and make mistakes.

The end result: a truckload of GUILT.

  • I feel guilty that I didn’t do enough.
  • I feel guilty that I did too much for this person and not enough for that person.
  • I feel guilty that I can’t say No.
  • I feel guilty when I say yes to things I feel incapable of doing.

Once you get on the roller-coaster of guilt, there’s no getting off. You keep doing and doing and trying and improving and struggling…and you end up really exhausted!

Is this how you want to continue to live your life?

Here’s the good news. Even if you’ve been this person all your life, you can find a better way to do life. With fewer frustrations and more balance.

This is exactly why I created Give Up The Guilt, Grow Through Grace a 6-week online class you can join on a phone line. This experience will take you from feeling like the world’s worst mistake to understanding the choices you made with compassion and self-care.

In this 6-week teleclass, you will:

  • understand the difference between guilt and regret so that you can catch yourself when it happens
  • learn how healthy guilt and unhealthy guilt feel so that you know how to listen to one and ignore the other
  • how to minimize guilt so that you’re more focused on “growing” and not beating yourself up
  • forgive yourself for what you did and what you didn’t do so that you’re at peace

It’s going to be an intimate and sacred circle of healing and growth. Will you join us? 

Only 7 Spots Left!

I’m Ready to Give Up the Guilt


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