Be The Love This Christmas

christmas greetingsAs the holiday season gets noisier and busier and visually stimulating with bargain buys and tree-decorating and gift-shopping, allow yourself to stop. Take a breath.

Sometimes in the rush of what’s-left-to-do and what-needs-to-get-done, it seems to me, that we lose the true spirit of the season.

Christmas is about love. Giving. Sharing. Cheering up those who have little reason to smile. But that gets lost somewhere in the frenetic hustle and bustle. In recent times Christmas has become more about the size and price of the gifts we buy. There is anxiety and stress and even some shame that surrounds gift-buying.

Hope she likes it.

Hope it’s as good as what she gets from the rest of the family.

Hope he won’t feel the need to exchange it.

When we get caught up in that spiral of shame and judgment, we suffer. It begins to become all about our self-worth.

So this Christmas season I invite you to do things differently. Buy what you need to with love and intention. Do the best you can with what you have…and let it go. Stop overthinking and overanalyzing. Some people will be disappointed even if you gave them the best fur coat. Some people will tear up at a Starbucks gift card. It says nothing about you, and everything about the person who’s receiving your gift.

This holiday season, focus on how you can be a gift. What one quality would you like to embrace as a way of “giving” away as much of it as you can? I mean qualities like kindness, patience, peace, compassion, and gratitude. Pick any one. Every morning when you wake up, remind yourself of your Holiday Season Special Gift. You can create some affirmations around it if you wish. Like I bring Peace to everyone I meet today. I am Grateful for everyone and everything I receive today. I am a Blessing in this season of love.

This is the most precious gift you can give anyone. The gift of your special quality. For this is a gift that grows as you give more of it. The very quality you choose to bless others with will bless you abundantly.

Have a wonderful holiday season! My blessings and love surround you always.

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