Let’s Send Love to Las Vegas

Las Vegas shootingWhat happened in Las Vegas on October 2 makes us sad, mad, and everything in between. It takes away our confidence and leaves us feeling helpless. We all feel some version of the following:

The world is becoming worse, day by day.

I can’t trust anyone anymore.

I feel so unsafe.

But every tragedy also creates opportunities for kindness. We saw plenty of it on that fateful night amongst a crowd that had gathered to enjoy some good music.

Strangers used their bodies to protect strangers as bullets rained down.

Those who were able to focus and be calm shepherded those who trembled with fear.

People used their T-shirts and jackets to fashion tourniquets and stem bleeding injuries.

These are the acts of courage I choose to focus on. It lets me know that there’s a lot of love in the same world where acts of hatred and separation thrive. We do care for one another. And when a deranged man went on a killing spree, spewing his unresolved rage on innocents, thousands of good-hearted humans stood up and fought back.

The world feels like an increasingly unsafe place. Not everything in the government and legal system is as it should be. We never know what’s lurking round the corner. It’s really easy to feel like a failure. Like we can never do enough to keep our loved ones safe.

How can we go on?

How can we wake up in the morning and feel hope in our beating hearts?

Wouldn’t it be far easier to give up?

I think we owe it to every good Samaritan who died performing an act of kindness. We who are still here are the bearers of their legacy. So let’s do what we can to keep the flame of hope, love, and oneness burning bright.

  • Be kind to someone today: an elder, an underprivileged child, a homeless person, your neighbor, or the checkout clerk.
  • Teach what you know to someone today: share one life lesson with a person who may use it as a guiding light in their life.
  • Close your eyes and send a blessing to everyone who is hurting. A small blessing travels a long way. You may never know the difference you made, but don’t ever doubt it.
  • Heal your heart. No matter what is troubling you, know that you can only shine your light when you resolve what hurts you.

Every drop of water makes up the ocean. No drop is more or less important. We are the ocean. You are the drop. Let’s do our bit to create a small oasis of peace in the world today.

Share one idea on what you’re feeling called to do.

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