Energy Healing for Grief

How-to-Heal-cover-200x300Using energy healing for grief is coming to be widely accepted these days.

Although I serve as a Grief Guide, I always say I’m not Advil for grief relief.

I believe that our pain is a signal that speaks to us. It asks us to address something that is not working well. Instead of running away, hiding, denying or numbing, my approach is to invite pain to talk–and listen really deeply.

Unexpressed pain clogs energy pathways in our body. When energy flow is restricted, our body tries to get our attention through aches and pains, fatigue, migraines and digestive issues.

When we’re grieving a loss, we forget about self-care. Unable to get off the treadmill of busyness, we put grief on the bottom of our to-do lists. And like most things that drop to the bottom, grief gets further and further out of reach.

Reading Amy Scher’s How to Heal Yourself When No one Else Can was a great reminder about how intelligent our bodies are and why we need to trust their wisdom–instead of popping pain pills and shutting them up.

Here are some valuable nuggets I learned from the book:

  • the body knows how to heal.
  • it can only heal when it feels safe.
  • relaxation responses like Tai-Chi, yoga, prayer, meditation and journaling help the body disengage from the fight-flight-freeze pattern which keeps us on high alert.
  • every part of our body is connected to the other–so if you have a pain on your left shoulder, the energy of the liver is involved.
  • energy blockages accumulate from past-life and generational experiences, childhood trauma, beliefs and thoughts we’ve inherited from our families.
  • energy healing techniques take as little as 5-7 minutes to move the energy stuck in our bodies.

No matter what you’ve been through and where you are today, your willingness and commitment are all that your body needs to heal.

Love Your Body

We are so quick to beat up on our body when it doesn’t perform according to our expectations. Sending love to your body accelerates healing. Being frustrated with it only worsens your symptoms.

  • Notice every little improvement as you start to heal and feel grateful.
  • Surrender to divine healing energies, accept where you are and go with the flow.
  • Thank your body for holding you together through life’s many storms.

Grief and Your Heart

Steeped in the sorrow of loss, you walk around with a heaviness in your heart. Your heart chakra is clogged with the unprocessed emotions of fear, sadness, guilt and grief. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t feel those feelings. Feeling is the first step toward releasing. You just don’t want the energy moving into your cells and deciding to stay there.

The Thymus Tap

A simple and highly effective 30-second technique, this tap can be done 2-3 times a day or as needed. The master gland of the immune system, the thymus is located above your heart. This is how you do the thymus tap.

  1. Close your eyes and center yourself.
  2. Take 2-3 deep slow breaths to drop into your body.
  3. Tap the thymus gland with three or four fingers for about 15-20 seconds repeating the word ‘releasing’ or ‘clearing.’

This simple technique energizes your immune system by clearing and releasing any energies that are blocking your pathways.

Energy healing for grief is not some woo-woo nonsense. Your soul lives in a highly intuitive and intelligent body. Your soul understands your pain and gives you the tools that help your body clear everything that does not serve its highest good.

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