From Grief to Gratitude…With Love

When I was in the thick fog of grief, I worked with a spiritual mentor.

One meeting a month is all the energy I could muster. Getting dressed, getting into the car, driving to my appointment and talking for sixty minutes exhausted me.

I loved my mentor and will always be grateful for how well he served me. But if I’d had the know-how and guidance to be able to heal at my own pace, I would’ve done so sitting at home in my pj’s.

Back then, I didn’t know the words “Intention”, “Energy Healing”, “Self-Compassion”, and “Reframing A Story.” But I found my way back to me through these spiritual concepts. And now I teach this stuff.

Grief healing isn’t just a job. It’s my sacred calling. I am devoted to it.

So, I created an entire 6-week course and taught it online. The feedback was so powerful that I decided to turn it into an eCourse.


Gratitude is the last thing on your mind when you’re grieving. But if you walk the walk with me, you’ll get there. It’s powerful, transformative stuff.

We start by setting an intention for your grief healing journey. And we work our way through.

We deal with unfinished business–the stuff you didn’t get to say or do before your loved one left. We clean up our past and do our forgiveness work. We shift energies by doing something small every day.

We dive into self-love and self-compassion and learn how not to beat ourselves up for how we’re feeling.

We open our hearts and stoke the dying embers of creativity…and we find our way back to joy. When we begin to taste a little more joy each day, we’re ready to reframe our grief story.

It transforms into a story of salvation from one of struggle. Power from pity. Purpose from pain.

This journey back to yourself doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. It is only $47 until Nov. 20, 2014. After which the price goes up to $97. I want you to have it now…pay less and have more. That’s the kind of deal I love…and what I love for myself is what I’d love for you.





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