A Love Story that Never Ends

Sweet Lorraine

Fred Stobaugh’s wife Lorraine passed away in early 2013. The 96-year-old sat down to say a beautiful and unique goodbye by writing “Sweet Lorraine.” Much as he wanted to sing it for her, his lack of musical talent, he felt, stood between him and a poignant eulogy. Green Shoe Studio, an Illinois-based music production outfit happened to be running a contest to discover unsung talent. Fred chanced upon the ad in a local paper. Not email friendly he decided to write them a letter expressing his hopes and dreams. Touched by Fred’s story the company decided to turn his love lyrics into a professionally produced track.

Love does not end, as Fred demonstrates so well. His 75 good years with his beloved Lorraine — “the prettiest girl I ever saw”– were memorialized in a meaningful way…in a song that went viral.

I love sharing a good love story. I hope you are inspired by Fred and Lorraine’s love, a love that transcends time and space.

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