Read what people say about Uma’s book and workshops…

“I was shattered and in shock after losing my parents in a violent way. No one had words to comfort. Most of  my friends didn’t know what to say. When I saw the title “Losing Amma’ in the newspaper, it immediately struck a chord with my situation. I wanted to talk to the author, I searched and found your email. I wrote to you, I was so much comforted by your prompt reply and willingness to help. You listened carefully, insightfully, you were almost like the parent I was missing. Thank you for being there Uma, holding my hand in my darkest hour and helping me through. While sharing about a group which stopped calling me after the incident, your insightful remarks help me move away from fake friendships and move towards authentic relationships.” — Joy P, India 

“14 years after my first depression, I sank into a severe depression all over again. I went through 2 years of regular sessions of cognitive behavioral therapy. I again thought I felt better, but deep inside I felt that something was still not okay. Something was missing. I still felt miserable. Family and friends couldn’t understand what was wrong. They even said that I simply liked being sad! That’s when I came across Uma. I was unsure when I started, but I started nevertheless. And I am so thankful that I listened to my inner voice for once. Uma was very open. She let me decide what was right for me. She listened to all that I had to say without judging me. I felt heard, finally. She understood where I was coming from. Uma helped me open those closed doors which I didn’t even know existed. She helped me find my way to ME. It has been a challenging but the most healing journey of self-discovery and coming of age. I was finally ‘coming of age’ at age 38! I am getting to know myself only better now. I would put it like this – cognitive therapy is like pruning a bush to make it look nice from the outside but without taking care of what the plant really needs to be able to grow in a healthy manner. The work with Uma did exactly the latter. I feel so much more stable, more free, lighter, happier after working with her. Thank you, Uma!” — Anu M, Germany 

“Uma’s workshop “How to Find and Follow Your Life Purpose” was very eye-opening, and made me think about things I hadn’t thought about before. I am at the stage of life where I have been questioning my life’s purpose, and the class gave me the opportunity to think about it in a peaceful yet structured way. The materials and concepts that were shared were very helpful, and I especially enjoyed the exercises we did.” – CarolAnn Shindelar

“I spoke with Uma about the grief I was feeling about a chronically ill loved one. I had been shunning my grief, telling myself that I didn’t really have the right to grieve because my loved one was sick but still alive. Fortunately, Uma gave words and compassion to what I was experiencing – “anticipatory grief” – and helped me begin to respect and allow the sadness I was feeling. Speaking with Uma gave me the emotional hug I needed to become more gentle and accepting of my feelings and my own grieving process. Her insight and compassion are really wonderful. Thank you, Uma!” – Lynea Diaz-Hagan, Leadership and Communications Coach

“I truly enjoyed working with you Uma; you helped me to realize that grief comes in many forms and this helped me to let go of a promise that I had made to my Gram to continue her work with people in trouble with housing. You sent me an email in the morning that began my acceptance of my current reality and then when you sent the email in the afternoon with your discernment – this truly  helped me to let go and go forward as the tears of healing flowed down my face.  You helped me to see that my Gram and I both have a servant’s heart, and my promise is good as I will keep serving people one at a time in their lives – not just their housing troubles. When I wrote the letter to my Gram that you requested – I saw that I had been healed as I wrote it with confidence, integrity and no guilt. Thank You Very Much – I am now free to be who I am and serve those that come into my life with Freedom!” — Jill Davis, Naples FL

“Thank you for your loving kindness. Thank you for your tender heart. Today I am at a much better place once I gave myself permission to grieve and love myself through the pain. Your role in this process was pivotal as it was the first time I let myself cry. Thank you, again!” — Alexis Frantz, Hoffman Est. IL

“I’ve had a really rough night with a total lack of sleep, and as you can imagine, in my super tired, sleep-deprived state, my thoughts and feelings were running to the dire. Unable to sleep but unable to really do anything but sit in a tired stupor, I opened my computer to browse, and saw your book on my desktop. I’ve been reading it, and it is now getting me through a bad-thought day. I wanted you to know that I turned to you for help in a way, and you are helping me. I did an exercise you suggested: picture a deceased loved one and talk to them. I conjured up my grandfather who died when I was five. Apparently he doted on me.
I told him how my life had turned out and the worries I have, the guilt I carry. I got the message to let go and that all that was just not that important. I’m feeling calmer.” — Kalpana Prakash

“Uma impressed me for several reasons. First is her kindness and empathy which comes through in everything she does. Second is her thorough knowledge base (from reading, writing, studying, journaling, etc.) which she’s willing to impart to the workshop participants. Third is her credibility; clearly she’s walking the path we seek to walk.” — Ed W