Grief brings its own rainbow


Imagine being 13 years old. Imagine losing both your sisters and mom in a plane crash. Imagine spending the rest of your life watching your dad numb out and never recover from the trauma of the tragedy. This is Lynda Fishman’s story. Lynda’s book is called “Repairing Rainbows: A True Story of Family, Tragedy and Choices.” […]

How to Help a Grieving Friend (Part 1)


After a deeply moving personal tragedy, Katherine Conway made the decision to turn her pain into helping others heal. The result: Helping Friends Grieve, a community of shared stories of grief and loss. The benefits: connection, healing, service. 1. Can you share with us your personal story of losing your dad and how it altered the […]



It’s the question on everyone’s mind today as we grapple with the Connecticut school shootings. Why innocent kids? This follows on the heels of the first. When the mind is confronted with a tragedy of this magnitude, there are more questions than answers. And yet “Why?” seldom brings closure. It rarely helps us tie up all […]