How My Aunt Would Console Joe Biden


A very dear aunt of mine is 93 and lives in Chennai, in Southern India. She has experienced the deaths of both her adult sons and a son-in-law. Brain tumor, stomach cancer, liver cancer. I think of her as the Biden family grieves the loss of 46-year-old Beau. I think about what she might have […]

A Star Named Robin Williams


The day I turned 50, Robin Williams’ spirit left the earth plane. Significant milestones, in significantly different ways. When we forget, life reminds us. It’s a world of opposites. Everything is cyclical. It’s like flipping a coin. Heads you win; tails you lose. Someone celebrates. Someone mourns. A day of color and the glitter of happiness for some. A […]

We remember you…


  September 11, 2013. But the heart does not forget. The mind plays the images over and over: two tall burning buildings, clouds of smoke, ash-smeared faces, terror-stricken targets, the jumpers. Each precious life lost; each life left behind to endure a lifetime of unending sorrow. History will always remember. We will always honor you. Your lives […]