A Daughter’s Gift of Daffodils

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Sherri Elizabeth Tidwell was only 14 years old when her mother committed suicide. The young girl’s anguish and yearning for her beloved mother birthed something beautiful for the world. Sherri offers us a wonderful bouquet of gifts through her book The Daffodils Still Grow: A Book for Grieving Daughters. Based on her personal story and […]

3 Principles That Can Change How You Live

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A couple of weeks ago, I made a presentation on FAITH at a retirement community. I ended my presentation with this quote: “Accept what is, let go of what was, and have faith in what will be.” The quote struck a chord in many seniors who lined up to request that I write it out […]

3 Powerful Lessons I Learned from A Simple Word

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I was in bad shape in January 2009. My mother’s death at age 68 plunged me into an ocean of grief. I could barely see the shore. Here’s what I told myself over and over. Life from here on is unending sorrow. I’ll never recover from this. I can’t bear this pain. This is simply […]

How My Aunt Would Console Joe Biden


A very dear aunt of mine is 93 and lives in Chennai, in Southern India. She has experienced the deaths of both her adult sons and a son-in-law. Brain tumor, stomach cancer, liver cancer. I think of her as the Biden family grieves the loss of 46-year-old Beau. I think about what she might have […]

When We Die…


When my mother transitioned in 2009, I struggled on many levels. But the most challenging aspect was the loss of her physicality. One moment she was here. And gone the next. She had vanished into nothingness. How did she leave? Where did she go? The thought that she was lost to me forever was a […]

Grief Isn’t A Competition


Almost all of us have experienced a conversation that goes something like this–once the initial pleasantries have been dealt with. We pick up this conversation somewhere in the middle. You: My mother died two years ago. Other: Oh, I’m sorry. What did she die of? You: Heart disease. Other: Yeah, mine died of Parkinson’s. It was […]

It’s Not Happy Holidays For All


It’s that time of year when everyone is writing about the holidays and grief. Or rather the grief that holidays bring on, remind us of. Most of those articles and blog posts contain similar themes, great advice, and useful tips. Do I have anything new to add? Perhaps not. Except to remind you that your […]

A Sign from Heaven


Many of you know that my father-in-law transitioned in early November this year. At eighty-five, he had lived a full life and had the blessed ending we all wish for: He died at home in his own bed. He was here one moment, and gone the next. I talked to his Spirit the very next day and […]

From Grief to Gratitude…With Love

When I was in the thick fog of grief, I worked with a spiritual mentor. One meeting a month is all the energy I could muster. Getting dressed, getting into the car, driving to my appointment and talking for sixty minutes exhausted me. I loved my mentor and will always be grateful for how well […]

What Is Your Legacy?


One of my favorite pastimes is to watch old reruns of the decades-ago sitcom Three’s Company. I adore John Ritter (the young chef who shares an apartment with two girls) and his antics. He makes me laugh in a switch-off-my-brain-and-just-enjoy kind of way. The popular sitcom ended in America in the early eighties, which is the time I was […]